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Pause Table
$350.00  with  rubberized surface
$30.00  extra leg sets 

Shipping additional on all items.

The  Pause Table is all aluminum, no plywood.  Each table comes with one set of  legs for the table height of your  choice. Additional leg sets are  available.



Weave Poles

12  pole 24" spaced straight weaves $325.00 
12  pole 24" spaced channel style weaves $425.00

Shipping additional on all items.

The  straight 12-pole set has four connecting  pieces with 3 poles per piece.  The steel base is powder coated. The  poles are included. Each weave pole  base section is made of flat strap  metal with stabilizer feet welded on.  The feet are carefully placed to  maximize stability while avoiding your  dog's path. If you want a  different number of poles per piece or different  spacing, a custom  base can be made to your specifications.

The  channel style weaves also  have four sections of three poles each. They are  built of the same  material as the straight weaves and are powder coated.  The PVC poles  are included. The stabilizer feet are placed at every other  pole. The  peg at these positions is welded to a piece that slides out on  the  foot to allow you to set the width of the channel. The poles will line   up in a straight line when the sliders are all the way against the  center  of the base. A tension bolt keeps the slider in place once you  have  adjusted the channel width.

2  x  2 weaves 24” spacing  $45.00 per piece

The 2 x 2 weaves have 2 poles per section. The spacing is 24 inches between each pole. The steel is powder coated. When laid out end to end the spacing will be 24".


$30.00 each

Set of 10 $300.00

Weave Pole Training Guides are made of strips of expanded metal with steel tubes welded to each end. These tubes slip over the PVC poles and form a path to make it easy for your dog to maintain the correct pattern. 10 guides are needed to make a complete path through all 12 poles.

Weave Pole Training Guides

The tunnels are made of UV stabilized, mildew  resistant material. They are made with 4” pitch and are of sewn  construction. They are made by ABC Industries.

15 foot  tunnel….$265
20 foot tunnel….$295
Tunnel bags ….$105 ( set of 2 )



Tire Jump

$300.00 (available with either an AKC or USDAA sized tire)

Shipping additional on all items.

The Tire Jump is a powder-coated steel frame with two detachable steel legs. The legs can be removed completely or turned 90 degrees to make the jump flat for storage or transport. The tire is made from 4-inch plastic drainpipe reinforced with a steel insert to keep tire round. It hangs from a chain through an eyebolt at the top of the tire. Cords run through the tire at each side and attach at the top and bottom of the frame to prevent the tire from swinging. The chain has a clip on it for adjusting the height of the tire. One person can easily move, set up, or change the height of the Tire Jump.


This is an easy solution for providing instant shade for you and your dog to enjoy an outdoor event at ringside. These are the ideal mobile shade solution for ring workers (timer, scribe, stewards, etc.). Soccer Moms and Dads, picnickers, or anyone relaxing outdoors will appreciate the shade too!

This powder coated steel holder sticks in the ground and has two welded loops to support the umbrella pole. The umbrella holder has a handy built-in drink holder.

Umbrella Holder only..................$35.00

Shipping additional on all items.


Contact us for available choice of colors!

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